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New Hobby ... Editing and Post Production

So, it seems that I haven't blogged for over an year. While visiting the blog today, I thought I would write about the new hobby I developed in the last year

It is the creation of videos, The need arose when I thought I needed to create videos for some one close and man I was gripped as this was a very interesting way to let off some creative steam. So, in this post, I will keep it short and sweet with the products that I use

1. iMovie: So, I got myself started with the free iMovie that came with my Mac and other Apple products. It was brilliant to make photo collages and home videos, But this started to get a little limiting, so I was back in the market looking for a new editor

2. Final Cut Pro X: The final-cut pro and Motion combo, came by to save the day and has become my NLE of choice and the plugins availble in the market are simply superb and I was able to create some brilliant edits

However, once I was approched by Sunil for making a short film (Horror genre), I now needed…